Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drama unfolds in FIFA

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has found itself deep in the most publicized corruption scandal in its long history. Investigations are well underway but two of its most senior members have been suspended. The most damning accusations of vote buying have been greeted with the sternest denials from both Bin Hamman and Jack Warner.
Now it seems as if Warner is about to as he says “unleash a football tsunami on the world of football” with revelations that he knows about FIFA president Sep Ballter’s shady dealings of giving the North, Central American and Caribbean federations (CONCACAF) "a gift of one million USD… to spend as it deems fit" this month.
However with the whistle blowing going on in the highest offices of FIFA its incumbent president is left opposed and will most likely return as president for another term. He has been cleared of any suspicion and the two ‘brothers’ are left with the piercing media spotlight following them around.
One cannot help but wonder if fate had a role play in the timing of these accusations? Regardless of origins of these accusations, one must wonder about their perfect timing; just as some forceful competition was dribbling its way through for a shot of the FIFA presidency.
What happens as the investigations unfold will make for really interesting reading. FIFA itself needs serious reform however. The way it administrates over the sport is too personal. It is time new structures are put in place at FIFA to ensure transparency and accountability. But this will never happen under the stewardship of Sep Blatter. He has been there too long in the broken system of international football.
In the meantime Bin Hamman and Jack Warner have to take to the bench with their red cards and sit out this election. I hope that the investigation truly brings justice and the right persons are dealt with accordingly.